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I’ve Tried Just About Every Knife, But This Sleek Version Is the Best I’ve Used

published Jun 23, 2022
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Credit: Our Place

You’re probably already familiar with Our Place, whether you read about the brand here at Kitchn or you’ve seen the fan-favorite Always Pan (now available as a cast iron pan, too!) online or in your friends’ kitchens. So what makes the internet-famous brand pop up everywhere you look? With high-quality cookware and tools coupled with colorful, minimalist designs, Our Place definitely stands up to the hype.

Like so many of us, I own the Always Pan (and the Perfect Pot, which I also can’t get enough of), but the Our Place essential that gets the most use in my kitchen isn’t getting as much attention (but it should be!): the Everyday Chef’s Knife. As it turns out, this Insta-worthy brand has mastered a lot more than just chic pots and pans. Our Place is proving they’re pros when it comes to knife-making, too. Is there anything they can’t they do!?

The streamlined, well-designed knife is truly one of the best I’ve used (and trust me, I’ve tried out tons in my past life as a pastry chef). What I love most about this knife is the same factor that makes Our Place a cut above the rest when it comes to kitchen essentials: Fashion meets function. I am used to not-so-cute but super functional knives in restaurant kitchens. So, I’ll admit that I instantly judged this knife based on the rounded, trendy-looking handle. It looked almost too user-friendly to stack up against other knives I’ve used.

But as with every other item the brand makes, Our Place strikes again with a high-quality, yet user-friendly tool that novices and pros alike will love. While the knife is more than stylish — it’s so pretty that I often leave it out on my favorite cutting board — it’s also the best blade in my kitchen. And I don’t say that lightly!

The Our Place Everyday Chef’s Knife has an ergonomic handle that’s perfectly balanced with a premium German stainless steel blade. It’s so comfortable to use that it feels like an extension of your hand. At eight inches long, it’s large and versatile enough to constantly reach for and tackle any task. It has some weight to it for a good firm feel when you’re cutting through raw tuna for poke bowls or cubing cold butter for biscuits.

Even with all that heft, the blade isn’t cumbersome to wield. It’s slim with a single bevel at a sharp 26-degree angle. A single-bevel blade is a Japanese-style steel honed on one side, resulting in a super sharp edge that’s easy to maintain. To keep the blade nice and sharp, I only wash it with a gentle sponge (I would never put this special piece in the dishwasher) and store it with its included sheath. I don’t think I’ll need to be introducing this blade to my sharpening stone any time soon!

Credit: Stella Totino

Now, let’s talk handle. Our Place really outdid themselves with this one. Because a blade can only offer so much style, the handle takes home the design trophy. The Everyday Chef’s Knife comes in six different colors (one is currently sold out), including the popular Spice as well as my favorite, Steam. The chic-factor is huge for me (because my knife drawer is filled with the opposite of fun!), but what really gets me excited about this handle is how it improves my knife skills. The grooved handle pulls the user’s hand forward, reminding you to “pinch-grip” your knife, AKA the right way to hold it. Designed to aid your forefinger and thumb in pinching the base of the blade, it lends itself to precision and stability. For instance, my boyfriend, who is by no means a practiced chef, noted that he feels like he is in total control when using the knife.

The truth is, having a reliable chef’s knife on deck should be a non-negotiable for every home cook. And when you have a stylish, affordable (a good 8-inch chef’s knife under $75 is unheard of!), top-quality, and sharp option out there, what are you waiting for? If you’re anything like me, I promise that you’ll fall head over heels for this tool.

And if you really want to improve your knife collection, check out Our Place’s Knife Trio. Judging by how much I love my chef’s knife, I have a feeling the other Our Place knives will earn their own special places in my heart, too.