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Our Editor Keeps Summer Easy, Breezy, and Delicious with These 5 Target Good & Gather Groceries

published Jul 21, 2023
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Is it our imagination, or does everything taste at least 5 percent better during the summer? By the pool, on the patio, or at the beach, the season seems to elevate even the simplest snack. And, of course, there are so many fresh ingredients bursting with flavor.

“As a summer baby (shout out to my fellow Leos), once those warm weather days hit, my goal is to be barefoot and near a body of water and a grill as much as humanly possible,” says The Kitchn Groceries Editor Mara Weinraub. “I bring that same energy to what I eat. Meals are what I like to call impromptu feasts: minimal planning and prep, maximum flavor. Most of what I make can be seasoned, dressed, and/or sauced at a moment’s notice.” How she does it: Target’s Good & Gather line of high-quality, affordable grocery items, which feature peak-fresh produce and big flavors worthy of an al fresco summer evening.

This time of year, we’re always craving a big, fresh salad — and a classic Caesar never disappoints. “We at The Kitchn LOVE a good salad kit, and this one is right on up there with the best of ‘em,” Mara says. “The romaine has a proper chop and crunch. The dressing is creamy with a peppery bite. And I really like that the croutons are crumbled, so I’m able to spread the garlicky love and crunch around in nearly every bite.”

Sustainably farmed and frozen at peak freshness, these salmon filets make for a versatile light summer protein. “They’re on the slender side, which means they cook up super fast,” Mara says. “That’s a huge plus for me, who works from home several times a week and wants a fresh, satisfying lunch on the fly. The skin crisps up beautifully. With lemon-pepper seasoning — and the aforementioned salad — it was an easy meal on a busy Tuesday.”

You will inevitably be tasked with bringing snacks to a party this summer, and when that happens, Mara has some advice. “Hear me when I say: Look for this blue bag. The chips straddle that just-rightness I look for: not too thick or too thin, meaning they can stand up to any cheesy, creamy, or produce-based dip, with just enough salt and crunch to balance out said dip or stand on their own. I brought this bag to my parents’ house while visiting and noticed a fresh one (after my mom made her own Target run) a few days later.”

From early morning hikes to afternoons at the pool, you’ll find yourself reaching for these sweetly nutritious treats all day long. “They remind me of my favorite cereal in college, but more cinnamon-y and ever so slightly sweeter,” Mara says. “They also have a soft, dense texture that doesn’t tear the roof of your mouth. I had them for breakfast three days in a row, and the more I ate them, the more I liked them. Don’t you love when that happens? They’d also be great crumbled over ice cream.”

“This flatbread gives me taverna vibes,” Mara says. “The toppings are bright, bold, and bountiful. (Let’s call them the three Bs.) The crust is crisp with a hint of doughiness in the corners — so choose your piece accordingly.” Cut into small triangles, it makes a great appetizer for a dinner party or small group hang. “Oh! And it’s interactive too. Guests can drizzle balsamic glaze (which is nice and viscous AND included) to their liking.”