Our Biggest Facepalm Moments in the Kitchen in 2013

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Sometimes recipes simply don’t turn out how you expect. And sometimes things are just a complete disaster. Either way, it’s a learning experience. You might cry over spilled pie or a frozen turkey, but after you resolve the situation you can (and should) probably laugh. It’s just food after all, right? Here’s the biggest facepalm moments The Kitchn editors had this year.

FAITH: The one’s that freshest in my memory is my Thanksgiving turkey (the first one — I made two this year!). Didn’t take it out of the freezer early enough. You guys, it’s never too early to take your turkey out of the freezer. Thanksgiving 2014 is only 11 months away; maybe start thawing now?

EMMA: Dropping my pumpkin pie on the floor. Lesson learned: Gravity is a harsh mistress.

CAMBRIA: Probably not adequately wrapping the pantry items (or conversely, wrapping them too well) on my move from New York to Boston. When we opened up the back of the moving truck to unload, we discovered that the soy sauce had tipped over and seasoned our vacuum cleaner and a few plants.

ANJALI: After spending two weeks working on my lamb korma recipe for the pumpkin carving party — making it again and again until it was absolutely perfect, my fridge stuffed with lamb curry, my hair stinking of lamb fat — when I was making the final batch for the party, I accidentally doubled the amount of coconut milk. It ended up being totally fine, but it definitely incited a moment of extreme kitchen rage.

ARIEL: I attempted to make an ice cream cake for my friend’s birthday (kind of a last minute thing). Not only did it completely fail, but it melted all over my freezer when a friend left the freezer door ajar. Melty ice cream all over the place.

What was your biggest face-palm moment of the year? Let us know in the comments. We promise not to judge.