Our 10 Favorites Memes About Caesar Salad

published Aug 1, 2016
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Even if crispy romaine and croutons aren’t your thing, it’s hard not to enjoy the sharp jokes and stabby puns that go along with the classic Caesar salad. Inspired in part by Caesar salad, and in part by the other Caesars (both Augustus and Julius — who, for the record, did not invent the salad), these memes just never get old.

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1. We all have our own approach to eating Caesar salad. What’s yours?

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2. Plastic forks and Caesar salad are a recipe for disaster. If your fork doesn’t swiftly snap in one shot, the croutons will take it prong by prong.

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3. But what exactly did Julius Caesar eat?

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4. Those are six words you definitely want to hear when it comes to Caesar dressing. The anchovies are what make it so good.

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5. There are many things that deserve a place in Caesar salad, but red onions are definitely not one of them.

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6. Clearly he just doesn’t understand the value of a really good Caesar salad. Perhaps he’d feel different if it had been served warm, or on a pizza, or as a veggie burger.

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7. There’s no place for nuts in Caesar salad, obviously. We’re also pretty sure Milton would take his Caesar salad sans croutons.

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8. And the salad turns on its strongest ingredient.

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9. Eating salad is a tough job when you’re a T-Rex. Those short arms, those long nails. There’s bound to be a lot of stabbing.

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10. And we bet he conquered that salad like a champion.