Other Uses for a Swedish Plätt Pan?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I received a Swedish Plätt pan for Christmas. Never in my life have I owned something that is so specific to one type of use, but I have a small kitchen and would really love to use it more often. Any ideas on what else I can use this specialty item for?

Sent by Kim

Editor: Kim, how fun! This pan is rather similar to an aebleskiver pan, but the wells are more shallow, and therefore rather more useful. We can think of so many things to use this for. How about perfect round fried or shallow-poached eggs? How about mini pancakes or stovetop biscuits? And why limit it to the stovetop? We think you could use this pan to bake cookies, biscuits, or even whoopie pies!

Readers, any thoughts for Kim and her new pan?

(Image: Fantes)