Bologna-Inspired Face Masks Are Now a Thing — And Yes, You Can Purchase Them

published Jan 21, 2022
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Oscar Mayer Sheet Masks
Credit: Oscar Mayer

If your childhood ever involved a moment where a slice of lunch meat ended up on your face because you thought it should go there, then Oscar Mayer has just the product for you.

The company has partnered with Korean beauty wholesaler Seoul Mamas to launch a bologna-inspired face mask. And while it may look like bologna, the description of its beneficial properties seem legit.

Each of the moisturizing masks — which currently retail for $4.99 per mask on Amazon — are made of “a hydrating and restoring hydrogel that promotes skin elasticity, improves hydration and moisture retention, offers anti-inflammatory benefits, and provides protection for the skin.”

While the packaging does not indicate whether the masks also come with an authentic bologna smell to help along the nostalgia, its description on Amazon states that “this sheet mask is not real bologna. Put it on your face, not your sandwich.”

Marketed specifically to those “who made masks out of bologna as kids,” the Oscar Mayer Face Mask is only available while supplies last but it may signal future, similar products on the horizon. Their partner on this venture, Seoul Mamas, is a manufacturer of private label beauty brands for the likes of The W Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Spa and Neiman Marcus.

“Oscar Mayer has a legacy bringing levity to things that have gotten too serious, and beauty is a ripe territory to playfully subvert,” says the company’s senior marketing analyst Lindsey Ressler. “Inspired by those who used to playfully make masks out of their bologna as kids, this product was born as a modern-day way to spark smiles for fans of Oscar Mayer and beauty enthusiasts alike.”

Stranger things have happened in the world of food, so giving this a try might actually yield some amazing results and prompt you to be interested in adding other Oscar Mayer-inspired products to your skincare routine (you know, if that becomes a thing).

If you’re actually into eating your lunch instead of putting it on your face though, you can always make another childhood favorite with either this grilled cheese recipe or Ina’s perfect PB&J sammie.