Organize This! Help for the Junk Drawer

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

The thing about the junk drawer is that…well, it’s the junk drawer. Things find their way in there because they don’t really have anywhere else in the kitchen to be. And frankly? We think that’s ok! But just because it’s the designated junk drawer doesn’t mean it can’t be an organized junk drawer! Here are a few ideas to help.

1. Get thee to the kitchen storage aisle – Whether your junk drawer is shallow or deep, narrow or wide, you can find storage containers that will work. Take the measurements of your drawer (width, length, and height) with you to the store so you can be sure the containers will all fit inside.

2. Buy storage containers in a variety of sizes – Buy some that are long and narrow for the stray cooking utensils, some that are wide so you can fit your cheese grater and bench scraper, and a bunch of small ones to hold the stray bobbles and do-dads. Go ahead and play Tetris with all the containers on the floor of the store to make sure they will fit together inside your drawer.

3. Get creative with the containers – Flatware organizers with all their pre-made sections can come in handy for a junk drawer. Some of the baskets from the bath section can also work quite well. And check out the food storage containers, too – you can always leave the tops off.

4. Pick up a roll of non-slip drawer liner while you’re at it – This can come by many names, but we’re talking about those rolls or pads of thin textured rubber (like we use to keep our cutting boards from slipping). Line your junk drawer with this before putting the containers on top to keep them from sliding around when you open and close the drawer.

5. Go home and organize – Back home, take everything out of your junk drawer and assign each random item to an appropriately sized container. Along the way, you might find a few things that belong elsewhere or that can be tossed altogether! Line the drawer with non-slip liner and pack the containers in.

Our junk drawers might still be full of random odds and ends, but at least there’s a bit of method to the madness. And this way, you’ll only have to go digging through one container to find what you need instead of digging through the whole drawer!

Any other tips for organizing the junk drawer?

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