Organize a Messy Lazy Susan with These Handy Storage Bins

updated May 1, 2019
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If you have an old-school lazy Susan in your kitchen, you may know that, as helpful as it tries to be, it often functions as a black hole for everything you put on it. Sure, the shelves spin and all, but it’s still really hard to see what’s on there — especially if the turntables are above eye level.

That’s why these bins are so great: They’re designed to fit onto a lazy Susan (or an awkward triangle-shaped cabinet), are sturdy, and even have a built-in handle to provide easy pull-out access, so you can grab stuff when you need it.

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Get a few and arrange them, like pieces of pie, around your lazy Susan. (Four wedges create a full circle. Even if you don’t have a lazy Susan, they can go in the corner of a cabinet or on the shelf of a pantry to corral small ingredients or kitchen supplies.

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