Organic or Local: Which Is More Important to You?

Organic or Local: Which Is More Important to You?

Emma Christensen
Aug 9, 2010

Walking around the farmers market, we notice that very few of our local farms are actually certified organic. Since it can be hard for small farmers to afford or maintain the certification, this doesn't really surprise us. But does it matter to you when it comes time to buy your weekly groceries?

It can be hard to know what to do. Or know who to trust. When something is certified organic, we know that certain rules have been followed and standards have been met. But there are a lot of twists and loopholes in those rules that we're not always aware of. Plus "organic" is no guarantee that land or animals have been treated respectfully.

When produce is local, we can talk to the farmers, hear about their farming practices, and evaluate the results for ourselves. Some farmers might use pesticides or feed grain to their animals, but at least these are questions we can ask directly instead of guessing about.

We know we're glossing over some of the issues here, but right now, we're mostly curious to hear your thoughts and opinions. So let's here it! How important is local and organic to you, and how do you decide what to buy?

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(Image: Flickr member kthread licensed under Creative Commons)

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