Organic Black Cookware from De La Terra

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You know how much we love Chamba cookware, the black clay pots and pans from Colombia. There’s a new line of this velvety black cookware on the market now, introduced at Housewares. It’s gorgeous in person, and a little more modern and functional in its form.

De La Terra had a wide range of cookware on display at Housewares, and it is all made in the same village where Chamba is also produced. The local clay and traditional methods of forming and firing the pieces give it that velvety black color and soft finish.

But De La Terra is a little different in that they have a facility set up where artisans create the pots to a uniform design, so there is more consistency in the cookware’s form and shape. It is still very handshaped and organic.

I really liked their designs &dmash; the oversized lid knobs and wide handles on the sides felt far safer and more comfortable than the tiny knobs and handholds on the more traditional Chamba.

This is definitely another line to look out for, if you’re interested in clay pot cooking.

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(Images: Faith Durand)