Organic and Fairtrade England

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When I was in London recently I was struck by how prevalent the ideology of eating locally grown, organic, seasonal produce was. I have to say, I found it very exciting.

The word organic was laced through every menu fine dining establishments down through gastropubs and little corner cafes. Even two of the more popular fast food places, Eat and Pret a Manger, seem to be built on the desire to provide customers with the best ingredients possible.

One of my favorites that I happened across during a stroll in Regent’s Park is called The Honest Sausage, which operates as a fairtrade establishment. “What is fairtrade?” you ask. Their website explains:

Fairtrade Foundation. Fairtrade© is concerned with the social costs of production which means that it strives to achieve stable prices for growers and suppliers in the developing world. This also helps to fund community projects which serve the wider community of these groups.

Don’t you love that?

To read more about the aims and goals of the Fairtrade organization, check out their website. And for more on England’s obsession with all things seasonal and organic take a look at the Guardian’s Food Section.