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You Only Need 2 Ingredients to Make This Internet-Famous Oreo “Sushi”

published Jun 17, 2021
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When I first heard about Oreo sushi, I double-checked the publish date — I love sushi and I love Oreos, but the idea of combining them pinged my April Fool’s Day sensor. But no, Oreo sushi is a real thing taking over the TikTok world. In searching for more information, I found that the always-dependably-on-trend folks behind I Am a Food Blog published their own version just last week.

Videos by baking TikTok-ers like Mariah Ortiz and Sienna Sweets spread the gospel of the semi-homemade treat. The idea behind the Oreo sushi is an innovative and cute new way to eat the famous cookie and requires just one extra ingredient: a little bit of milk. First, you separate the cookies from the filling and crush the cookies. Then you mix in a little milk with the crumbs before rolling them out flat between two pieces of plastic wrap. Add a little milk to the filling to make it creamy and spread it on top. Use the plastic wrap to help roll it all up like a mini roll cake and, if you have time, chill it. Once you have the long log of Oreo, you can slice it into little rounds — just like sushi.

Oreos have long been a favorite for easy desserts: strawberry Oreo icebox cake, Oreo mug cake, Oreo chocolate bark, and Oreo balls are all super-simple desserts that use the iconic cookies and require just a couple of ingredients. And now Oreo sushi joins the party.

Oreo sushi is sure to be a hit with kids and will put a smile on adults’ faces, too. You can even explore the wide world of Oreo’s seemingly infinite new varieties and experiment with some new flavors (carrot cake Oreo sushi, anyone?).