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I Tried Making the Popular Oreo Popsicles Recipe and Both My Heart and Freezer Are Now Full

published May 27, 2022
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I Tried It Oreo Popsicles
Credit: Lois Alter Mark

Proving that good things never go out of style, Oreos have been around for over a hundred years and are still the best-selling cookie in the world. 

According to @yackikuka, though, the only thing better than snacking on Oreo cookies and milk is freezing the classic combo, putting a stick in it, and chilling out with it all summer long. The Oreo Popsicles recipe, which I came across when @tasteofhome tested it out and posted it to their 1.8 million Instagram followers, is super easy and only requires two ingredients. Two ingredients? I knew I had to immediately head to my kitchen. You only need one guess to figure out what they are!

What’s especially ingenious about this recipe is the way it uses the package itself to create something new and amazing. You don’t need any fancy molds or equipment.

As an Oreo aficionado from way back, I could not wait to try these Popsicles myself. As summer heats up and temperatures soar, I guarantee you’ll want to, too. And it’ll come in handy if you happen to run out of the new Oreo frozen treats.

Get the recipe: Oreo Popsicles

Credit: Lois Alter Mark

How to Make Oreo Popsicles

All you need to make these frozen treats are Oreos and milk (and Popsicle sticks). Prep time takes just a few minutes and the most difficult part of the whole process is waiting for them to freeze fully before you indulge.

Take a single-serve six-pack of Oreos and, keeping the wrapping on, use a rolling pin or your hands to break the cookies. Carefully open one end of the package and stand it up in a freezer-safe container. Pour milk into the package almost to the top, then put a Popsicle stick right in the middle. You can make a whole batch at once and just line the packages up together in the container. Place the container in the freezer for four to eight hours, before removing and enjoying.

My Honest Review of Oreo Popsicles

Honestly, I think it would be almost impossible for the classic Oreos and milk combination to ever be anything but delicious, and this frozen version is no exception. Filled with Oreo goodness — there are a whopping six cookies in each Popsicle, after all — these treats are ultra chocolatey and the milk gives them a frozen creaminess. These popsicles will become my summer staple. 

Credit: Lois Alter Mark

3 Tips for Making Oreo Popsicles

  1. Pack the packages tighter for more rectangular popsicles. The milk will naturally expand on the bottom so if you want thinner, traditional looking popsicles, make sure you support the packages with something to keep them standing tall so the milk spreads evenly.
  2. Feel free to use smaller individual packs. Oreos also come in packages of two and four cookies. As long as you can get a stick into them, those are good options for smaller popsicles.
  3. Don’t worry about breaking all the cookies fully. There’s nothing better than finding a big chunk of Oreo in your popsicle. If you ask me, it gives it character!

Get the recipe: Oreo Popsicles