Oreo Is Coming Out with an Out-of-This-World New Flavor

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: sulfa fariana / Shutterstock)

Is there anything Oreo can’t do? I mean, this is the cookie giant that recently brought us Game of Thrones-themed sandwich cookies. So it should come as no surprise that Oreo is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing the only way they know how… with a cookie! It seems just random and weird enough to work.

According the Instagram account Candy Hunting, Oreo will release a (most likely) limited-edition new flavor called Marshmallow Moon. The moon doesn’t really have a flavor — if anything I would expect any food tributes to play on that old joke that the moon is made of cheese. But since Oreo has to go in the sweet direction, marshmallow is probably their best bet. The cream, for some reason is light purple, and the cookie itself is imprinted with a crescent moon. It might be a stretch, but I’m honestly happy to see more space-themed desserts on the market.

Buzz Aldrin took a giant leap for mankind on July 16, 1969 so don’t expect to see any Marshmallow Moons landing on store shelves until later this summer.

Questions about the flavor aside, I’m curious about why Oreo decided to pay tribute to this particular historical event. Yes, the moon landing is a monumental achievement, and yes it does deserve all the loving tributes even in cookie form. Still I’m curious if the folks over at Oreo are moon-landing truthers, eager to stamp out any final notions it never even happened? Or is the tribute motivated by the fact that cookies are round and the moon is also round? I am hoping that Oreo is secretly motivated by a deep love of space travel and an appreciation for the achievements of astronauts.

What’s next? A cookie tribute to the Mars rover? I hope so.