What’s For Lunch Today? A Very Orange Plate

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been talking a lot about sweets this week; we have scads of ideas for pretty, easy, fun, and yummy treats for holiday enjoyment and gift-giving in our Un-Gift Guide. But we still need to eat, even in the middle of all that festive cooking and baking. In fact, our tastes tend towards plain and healthy to balance out the sugar.

So, we’re wondering: what are you eating for lunch today? Candy scraps? Something quick? Dinner party leftovers? Here’s one of our recent lunches…

…a brilliant orange plate! We were craving healthy food, and when we reached into our larder, we found squash and sweet potato, not to mention clementines. We decided to have a vitamin-rich lunch. We baked a Delicata squash alongside some sweet potatoes, and split the sweet potatoes open and served simply with rosemary walnuts and a touch of butter and salt. The squash needs almost nothing; you can serve it with just a little butter and salt.

The clementine was the perfect tangy-sweet note to finish a simple lunch like this.

What are you eating for lunch today? Try something as simple as possible — baked squash, a winter salad, bread and cheese.