I Tried the Plant-Based Protein Powder Hailey Bieber Uses, and It Doesn’t Make My Smoothies Taste Chalky

published Nov 2, 2023
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In high school, I made the big mistake of joining the cross country team my freshman year. There were many things I hated about the sport: running hills, shin splints, early morning practices — it just wasn’t my thing. I also counted protein shakes among the numerous drawbacks. My coaches suggested my teammates and I drink them after particularly intense workouts, though I couldn’t think of a worse thing to do after lifting weights or running 400-meter splits, which already made my stomach churn. I tried a few different kinds of protein, both whey and plant-based, and some of them were okay, while others were downright foul. But I will admit, I did like that the shakes made me feel fuller, helped my athletic performance, and promoted muscle-building in the long run. And, ever since I became a vegetarian, I’ve found it hard to get a sufficient amount of protein in my diet.

I still drink protein because of these benefits, but until recently, I’d resigned myself to the fact that this part of my diet would always taste unpleasant. Then, I tried the Ora Organic plant-based protein powder. I drink it at least three times a week, and not only do I like how it makes me feel, but its flavor is barely detectable! It’s also a favorite of Justin and Hailey Bieber’s, so I was already intrigued before I even received it.

What is the Ora Organic Vegan Protein Powder?

Simply put, this powder contains some pretty stellar ingredients. You get 23 grams of protein per serving and 1 gram of net carbs, and the mix contains 16 “superfoods” including berries, kale, turmeric, and acai. Naturally, everything is organic, and the formula also contains all essential amino acids. What you won’t find on the label are artificial ingredients of any kind, dairy, wheat, gluten, sugars, or sugar alcohols. Because of this, the vegan powder is great for people who follow specific diets, such as keto, paleo, or gluten-free, as well as people with sensitive stomachs. The two main ingredients are pea protein and rice protein, but you also get a good dose of digestive enzymes to help break those down and prevent bloating.

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Why I Love the Ora Organic Vegan Protein Powder

It goes without saying that I like the protein powder’s wholesome ingredients, but what I enjoy most is how easy it is to drink. I’ve had some pretty chalky shakes in the past, but when I blend the Ora Organic protein with fruit and water, the result tastes just like a regular smoothie regardless of whether I use half a scoop or a scoop and a half. I received all four flavors of the powder — chocolate, vanilla, vanilla chai, and unflavored — and so far, I’ve tried the latter two. The unflavored version is good for adding to just about anything, while the vanilla chai makes a great addition to coffee-flavored shakes. Also, clumping has never been an issue.

Amazon shoppers agree that the powder is versatile and agreeable. “I have a very sensitive stomach, and using any kind of protein powder is not an option,” one reviewer wrote. “I switched over to Ora about a month ago, and it’s been nothing but a great experience! No more upset stomach, no more uncomfortable feelings.” Another person wrote, “During pregnancy, I noticed I don’t eat enough protein during the day, so I decided to try the vanilla chai powder out. OMG, it’s like a treat! I blend it with 2% milk, and it tastes similar to a vanilla chai latte to me. I’m so grateful to have this in my life right now to keep me from feeling like I’m starving every 5 minutes!”

If you, too, could use a protein powder that makes drinking post-workout shakes or getting in your daily fruit servings a more pleasant experience, I’d highly recommend the Ora Organic powder. Plus, it’s currently 20 percent off, so there’s no better time to try it!

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