Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Brain Food

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Do you sometimes notice that certain foods make you feel sluggish while others energize and revive you? Well, Oprah does and in the latest issue of her magazine, she reporting on which foods she grabs at the grocery store to boost her brain power.

In Six Foods for a Healthy Brain, Oprah details new research about brain activity and how to build up memory function to avoid cognitive decline in later years. How? She claims that there are everyday choices we can all make at the grocery store each week. Here are her top picks:

Six Brain-Boosting Foods:
1. Edamame: These vibrant beans are rich in a nutrient that helps relay information to our nervous systems.
2. Sunflower Seeds: These little seeds are packed with Vitamin E, which “appears to shield neurons from cell-damaging free radicals.”
3. Yogurt: A favorite breakfast food for many, yogurt contains vitamin B12 which can protect the brain from memory loss
4. Whole Grains: are known to contain vitamins B, C, D and E which can all help prevent brain shrinkage linked to Alzheimer’s.
5. Salmon: The Omega 3’s in fatty fish like salmon are thought to be directly linked to maintaining a more youthful mind.
6. Eggs: While they get a bad rap for cholesterol counts, the vitamin D found in egg yolks helps break down the plaques that characterize Alzheimer’s.

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