Oprah Winfrey Reveals the One Food She Always Has in Her Fridge — And It’s So Much Stranger Than You’d Think

published Dec 16, 2023
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Oprah Winfrey
Credit: Jon Kopaloff / Stringer

It’s always so fascinating to take a look inside the home of our most revered celebrities. We love to see how they live, how they entertain, and of course how they cook and eat! There’s no bigger celebrity than Oprah Winfrey, and so getting that kind of view into her own home is rather exciting.

Oprah does it all — acting, hosting, producing, philanthropy — but she also seems to spend a good amount of time in her home kitchen, and the contents of this mega star’s refrigerator are just as over the top as we may imagine.

Apparently, a mainstay of Oprah’s fridge is octopus — and she’s rather particular about how she sources it. She recently shared in an interview with People just why octopus can always be found in her home fridge, and her answers were a little… unexpected.

It all comes down to keeping her long-time partner’s favorite food on hand — which we can all relate to. “Stedman likes it for breakfast,” she said in the interview. “The tentacles and the head are there.” And how does Stedman like his octopus? It sounds pretty delicious, and a preparation we haven’t yet tried but just may be enjoying in the future. “He likes it seared [or] sautéed with okra and greens.”

However, Oprah isn’t ever the one eating the octopus. She’s just being a supportive partner, which is really sweet. “He’s the only one who eats it.” Her household actually has to go through some trouble to get a whole octopus, too. “You have to go to a special fish market to get it,” she said. That’s dedication!

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