Oprah Celebrated Her 64th Birthday with Her Favorite Meal

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Yesterday was Oprah’s birthday. The entrepreneur, business mogul, TV host, and selector of the world’s Favorite Things turned 64. To celebrate, Oprah ate what she says is her favorite meal, and she posted a video of it to Instagram so we could all live vicariously through her birthday meal. It sounds super delicious.

Oprah Winfrey is a longtime fan of and spokesperson for Weight Watchers, and her investment in the company has reportedly earned her $300 million, according to Business Insider. But on her birthday, Oprah enjoys her favorite indulgences. This year she says she chose her “favorite meal,” a hearty, rich-looking stew of black-eyed field peas with cornbread on the side.

Oprah posted her birthday dinner to Instagram. The video of Oprah’s favorite meal opens to a gorgeous dome of golden cornbread in a cast iron skillet.

“This is me on my birthday,” she said. “Having cornbread and black-eyed field peas with rosé — thank you, John Travolta, for the glass. And I have to say, yes I did. I had two pieces.”

Now that Oprah Winfrey mentions it, cornbread would make a pretty good birthday cake. Cornbread is already pretty close to being cake as it is, honestly. And I’d take a big slice of cornbread with a thick layer of good butter over a piece of cake on probably nine days out of 10. For her birthday, Oprah had two pieces.

“Two pieces,” Oprah said as she zoomed in on the slice of cornbread next to her plate. “This is my second piece. Why? Cause it’s my birthday. You can have two pieces on your birthday.”

“Peas, cornbread,” Oprah said, flashing between the two. “Favorite meal. Peas, cornbread.”

That does look like a really great meal. Just looking at it has me wondering if I could make that in an Instant Pot. I don’t even own an Instant Pot yet, but Oprah’s black-eyed field peas look like they’d be tailor-made for that.

Oprah did not share her specific recipe for her favorite black-eyed field peas, but here’s a black-eyed pea stew recipe that would go really well with a skillet full of cornbread.

What’s your favorite birthday meal?