This Hack Makes Opening Freezer Pops a Breeze and I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Know It Sooner

published Jun 18, 2022
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closeup of some freezies of different colors and flavors
Credit: Shutterstock/nito

A telltale sign of summer is when stores drag out huge pallets of freezer pops. Those long, thin plastic tubes in bright colors packed into mesh bags and boxes are definitely a household staple for when the temps start to rise and you need something quick to cool you down. Too bad they aren’t quick to open. (Raise your hand if you’ve ripped your lip trying to tear the plastic because you can’t find a pair of scissors. Don’t worry, this is a safe space.)

In an attempt to make #momlife a little easier (and to save your teeth), Shelby Brazzell has potentially uncovered the reason those freezer pops are called pops — you can pop them right open. The mom of two gave her TikTok followers a quick way to open these summertime snacks. Just hold them tightly and quickly snap up.

She follows up the trick with some additional info, explaining that the pops should be fresh out of the freezer for a better snap. Then, you’ll hold it close to the middle and, very quickly, break it in half with an upward snapping motion. Ingenious, right?

Her followers were obsessed with this trick, with comments like “mind blown” and “thank you for saving me this summer.” One viewer, however, explained that her child threw himself on the floor because he thought his mom had broken his ice pop. So proceed with caution. 

If you want to add a little booze to your frozen treat, try these homemade Campari citrus pops. They’re perfect with these freezer pop molds — no snapping required.