Storage Tip: Use Wire Shelving on Top of Your CountersDwell

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re sure the shelving in this Los Angeles kitchen was designed to fit the exact space. But doesn’t it look just like the generic wire shelving (like the Metro Shelving at the Container Store) most of us have owned at one time or another? We’re thinking there’s a DIY version of this waiting to happen…

This kitchen is part of an eclectic, creative, and very colorful house in the middle of Chinatown in Los Angeles. It was rehabbed into a family home after previous lives as a restaurant, cabaret, 1980s music venue, and furniture warehouse.

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The kitchen is simple, with basic IKEA cabinets on the bottom. In fact, the wire shelving may also be IKEA—we didn’t find an exact match on the website, but if you know, tell us.

But we like the idea of the wire shelving, where you can hang things from anywhere. No one specific rail; just throw up a hook and you’ve got a spot for a pan, a towel, a strainer, or a pair of tongs. And the top serves as a storage shelf. It’s all so multi-functional!

Much of the wire shelves we’re familiar with would be too deep for the average kitchen counter. (You’d have no room left in front to chop an onion.) But we’re sure there are narrower options out there. Unlike shelves drilled directly into the wall, these could be adjustable.

What do you think? Doable? Does anyone have a setup like this?

(Image: Bryce Duffy for Dwell)