Open Shelving? Try This Double Duty Storage Trick!

For the last several months my husband and I have been working in a rather makeshift kitchen. We have two metal baker’s racks that we use to store all of our dishes and bakeware, along with our food. Since they’re currently the only storage we have and tabletop space is limited, we’ve been making our racking pull double duty — and will continue to do so even when we have proper cabinets!

Out of desperation one day I started to hang the long tongs on our bakers rack. You see, we have one utensil crock and more utensils than will fit in it. We also have a small basket that holds our regular silverware, but between the two, we have important items that just don’t have a home.

So the idea started with tongs but has since gone on to other items that are always a little awkward in your kitchen drawer. Next up we placed the measuring cups on and even measuring spoons. Then came the can opener, bench scrapers and then the meat thermometer.

Below the items, we placed our seasoning bin that slides in and out so we aren’t stabbing ourselves with the items stores above. They’re ridiculously easy to grab when you need them and no longer do we have to play that game where you try to see how many long handled utensils you can cram in your crock (which is a fun phrase to say). Do you have an unusual kitchen storage tip? Let us know below!