This Dog Food Gets Two Paws Up From Some of the Pickiest Pups We Know

published Mar 18, 2022
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Credit: Open Farm

Dogs are a lot like toddlers. Experts say their cognitive abilities are close to a two-year-old human. They’re also mischievous, wake you in the middle of the night, and can be very particular about what they eat. Or won’t eat. And trying to feed a picky pooch can be especially challenging, as our Executive Lifestyle Editor, Lisa, can attest. “My pup, Millie, is willing to give any brand of dog food a nice big sniff test. But she is very discerning and I’ve only found one or two brands that have actually passed. Most of the time, she turns her nose up and won’t even take a bite. And, yes, I’ve had her checked out by a few vets! She’s just super picky!”

Happily, Lisa discovered Open Farm, which has a range of premium wet and dry dog food that pleases Millie’s palate. “She devours the Harvest Chicken Rustic Stew faster than I ever thought was imaginable,” says Lisa. “She doesn’t even leave the carrots behind, which is usually her thing with other brands of wet dog food.”

It’s not surprising that Millie is a fan of Open Farm. The brand is helmed by animal lovers who are focused on delivering nutrition-packed pet food, sourcing ingredients from farmers who treat both their animals and the environment right. The result: Rustic Stews in fish, poultry, and beef flavors, as well as dry options in varieties like New Zealand Venison and Wild-Caught Salmon. Every bag features a complete breakdown of what’s inside, so you know exactly what you’re giving your dog.

Senior Commerce Editor Danielle says that her pitbull, Jet, is also hard to please, but he happily chows down on Open Farm’s kibble. “This is the only brand he’ll actually eat!” says Danielle, who adds that Jet also enjoys the Bone Broth and Rustic Stews.

Credit: Lisa Freedman

“Millie actually gets super excited for Open Farm’s kibble, too,” adds Lisa, noting that she’s never seen her pup get excited about any dry food before. “Just look at that happy tail in the photo!” And note that she doesn’t seem to mind being compared to a toddler. Good girl, Millie!