Oops! Never Put Candle Holders in the Dishwasher!

Oops! Never Put Candle Holders in the Dishwasher!

Faith Durand
Oct 11, 2011

Every now and then I do something really stupid in the kitchen, and since I am sacrificially devoted to the welfare of others, I refuse to hide my mistakes in embarrassment. No, I'm airing my most recent truly awful mistake here, dear readers, for your benefit — if you have ever, ever considered putting a wax-dripped candleholder in the dishwasher, be ye not so stupid.

I have scads of these little Duralex glasses, which I use for drinking but also for holding beeswax votives. When they get covered in wax, I usually put them in the freezer and pop the last stubs of candle out once they are frozen. But this time I had some holders with just a few fine, translucent drips of wax on the bottom of the glass. (Even I wouldn't be so stupid as to put a candleholder half-full of wax in the dishwasher!)

So I threw these stubborn things in the dishwasher. No, I don't know what I expected to happen. I think I hoped the heat and hot water would just wash them clean. Well, they did, but this left everything else in the dishwasher with an invisible coating of beaded wax, knobbly under the fingertips and nearly impossible to wash off.

It took several rounds of hot water, scrubbing, oil, and even some Goo-Gone to get all that wax off my dishes.

So, consider this a PSA for anyone who might in a moment of weakness think of throwing a candleholder or two in the dishwasher: Even if there doesn't seem to be any wax inside, don't do it. It's not worth the clean-up later!

(And, incidentally, anyone got any better tricks or advice for getting the last drips of wax out of a candleholder?)

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(Images: Faith Durand)

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