Oooh, Baby! Why I Love Baby Spinach for Quick Weeknight Meals

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I am a reluctant adopter of hearty dark greens. Knowing they are “good for me” has never felt like quite enough incentive to get me to actually tackle a mound of greens and cook them up for dinner, and I do so grudgingly. Until I discovered baby spinach. Pre-washed, pre-bagged, tender and ready to eat, baby spinach is a total supermarket shortcut, and in the name of healthier eating habits and convenience, I’ll take it.

I have found that baby spinach can go into just about anything: add a handful to tomato soup, wilt a few cups down for a frittata, toss with pasta, you name it. The tender, watery leaves cook in what seems like seconds and practically melt into whatever dish I’m making.

Baby spinach also has a much less bitter flavor than many other dark greens, making it an easier sell for the reluctant adopters among us. You can even eat the leaves raw in a salad, though I like them best in a mix with other greens. 

I consider baby spinach to be my gateway green. These days, I eat kale salads and happily chop up big bunches of chard for soups. But baby spinach still has a special place in my heart and my fridge. For quick and wholesome meals, a few handfuls of baby spinach never let me down.

Do you love baby spinach? How do you like to use it?

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