Oodles of Noodles: 4 Things To Do With Leftover Pasta

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

We’re constantly miscalculating our sauce-to-noodle ratio and ending up with odd cups of sauce-less pasta left in the fridge. It’s never really enough to justify another whole batch of sauce, but it seems silly and wasteful to throw it away. Here are a few things we do with extra noodles – what about you?

1. Frittatas – It might sound strange to put noodles in a baked frittata, but we think the pasta adds a nice chewy texture and a bit of substance.

2. Noodle Fritters – Add an egg or two just to bind the pasta together and fry these on the stovetop until the outside is crispy. With a few leftover veggies, these are a great snack or quick meal for one.

3. Salads – We also like a handful of cold pasta on top of our salads. It makes a nice texture contrast with the crunchy vegetables and makes a simple salad much more satisfying to eat for lunch or dinner.

4. Soup “Garnish” – We’ve been eating a lot of creamy soups lately and we’ll add a scoop of pasta to round out the meal. For that matter, we can slip a cup or two of pasta into just about any soup we make without throwing off the recipe!

What other ideas do you have for using a small amount of leftover pasta?

(Image: Flickr member theogeo licensed under Creative Commons)