The “Cute” $20 Amazon Gem That’ll Keep Garlic Fresh for Weeks

published Apr 5, 2024
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Whole garlic cloves, individual peeled cloves, and a small pile of pressed garlic on a cutting board
Credit: Sarah Crowley

There are a number of different routes you can take to store garlic in your kitchen. In fact, we put six of them to the test. The winner by a clear mile, however, was a garlic keeper. “Every bit of the garlic retained a very firm texture — firmer than with any other method,” contributor Ann Taylor Pittman wrote. “There were no outward signs of sprouting, and no emerging green shoots from any of the cloves. And the flavor was spicy, pungent, and perfectly garlicky.”

Garlic keepers are small ceramic containers with built-in holes. Because garlic goes bad when exposed to moisture, a keeper promotes airflow and ensures the contents stay fresh longer. You’ll find a range of shapes and sizes when you look them up online, but we’ve saved you the trouble of finding one of the best designs on Amazon right now. Read on to find out why shoppers say the ONTUBE Garlic Keeper is just as beautiful as it is efficient.

What Is the ONTUBE Garlic Keeper with Lid?

This gem can hold up to four heads of garlic at a time and is equipped with four perforations to prevent moisture buildup. A number of shoppers praised how long their garlic remained fresh, thanks to the design — one even said that it looked like it was kept in a “time capsule” after a few weeks. In addition to how well it preserves garlic, the sleek design looks gorgeous on any countertop. The ceramic frame comes in few colors; you can’t go wrong with white, but blue, navy, and black options are available too. It even has “garlic” embossed on the side! What really sets this keeper apart from most, though, is its flat bamboo lid. Unlike many others, the lid is attached, so you won’t lose it and can open it easily. When you aren’t actively using the container, you can stack other items on top of it to save space.

Credit: Ontube

What Amazon Shoppers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.8/5

“Having used this garlic keeper several months now, I’m happy with the purchase and all the considerations. I definitely prefer the attached lid versus a detached lid; the lid flips up and down easily. I’ve used the flat-top to set things on several times. I’m glad I went with a square design over a round design (just preference). The size is plenty adequate for my needs.” – Valler

“I really like the way it looks, also just the right size for 3 garlic bulbs. Fits perfectly on my counter next to all my cooking oils and spices. Keeps garlic fresh for weeks.” – RD

“I did an experiment of filling this to the brim with garlic and keeping the rest in a cool, dark, dry place in my kitchen and after a few weeks I checked on the garlic keeper’s garlic — and it looks like I kept it inside a time capsule. It looks as good as [when] I bought it on day one, noticeably different from the rest of the bag stored elsewhere in my kitchen.” – Pepper Please

Like Ann said in her rundown of all of the garlic storing methods: A garlic keeper is a great investment. For just $20, your garlic will last longer and taste better — and you’ll have a stylish accessory to elevate your countertop.

Buy: ONTUBE Garlic Keeper with Lid, $19.99 (normally $21.99)