Online Store Review: Didi Davis Foods

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We stumbled upon Didi Davis and her line of artisan sugar blends, salts, oils, and other condiments when she appeared at the Copley Square farmer’s market at the tail end of the season a few years back.

To think, we almost missed discovering Didi Davis Food entirely!

We became addicted to her “Danish Viking Smoked Salt” on the spot and have been adding a pinch to our burgers and soups ever since.

Lucky for us, Didi also keeps an online store so that we can indulge in her products all year round.

We’re also big fans of the Spiced Gold Sugar, a blend of Hawaiian gold sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. It adds crunch and a hit of flavor sprinkled over the tops of scones and muffins–and even our favorite cottage cheese and fruit breakfast!

Aside from salts and sugars, Didi Davis Foods carries a wide range of nut oils, vinegars, and honeys. If you can get your hands on it, her “cranstachio” mix of local New England cranberries and pistachios is like nothing you’ve tasted before.

Didi Davis studied and worked with Madeleine Kamman for over 10 years and is now the author of several of her own cook books. Her experience is evident in the care and craftsmanship she puts into her products. Check out the recipes on her site for inspiration on creative ways to incorporate her products into your cooking!

Take a peek around the Didi Davis Foods online store to see all her wonderful products, or catch her at the Copley Square farmer’s market on Tuesdays and Fridays!

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