The 10 Best Groceries Kitchn Editors Have Bought Online Recently

published May 11, 2020
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A sad (but true) fact right now is that scoring an online grocery delivery can feel like winning the lottery these days. Because there are people who need it more than I do, I’ve officially thrown in the towel after trying to procure an Instacart time slot for weeks. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten creative with my online searches for ingredients that my family needs right now. As it turns out, my coworkers have been doing the same thing.

Because it doesn’t feel right leaving the house, Kitchn editors have been scouring the web for deals on pantry staples, fresh produce subscriptions, little treats, condiments, snacks, and more.

These are the groceries we’ve been shopping for — from the safety of our homes.

Note: We would be remiss not to mention how thankful we are for the hardworking couriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Amazon) who are making these deliveries possible.

1. Shepherd’s Grain Flour

“I ordered both all-purpose and whole-wheat flour from this local grain co-op and I am so glad I did. Not only does it mean I can keep up with my sourdough projects and weekly biscuit baking, but it also supports local farmers near me in the Pacific Northwest. And the flour is so great! Basically the flour shortage was the best possible excuse to find flour near me.” — Meghan Splawn, Associate Food Editor

Buy: Whole Wheat and All-Purpose Flour, $25 for two 5-pound bags at Shepherd’s Grain

Credit: Amazon

2. Soom Foods Pure Ground Sesame Tahini

“I keep making the mistake of buying the one brand of tahini at my local grocery store and I ALWAYS end up regretting it! (Because it separates way too much and is just not good!) Soom is the way to go — always and forever. It’s creamy, stirs right up, and is oh-so-fresh-tasting. I mix this stuff up with some lemon, garlic, and water for a bright grain bowl and salad dressing.” — Lisa Freedman, Lifestyle Director

Buy: Soom Foods Pure Ground Sesame Tahini, $16.50 for two 11-ounce jars

Credit: Brightland

3. Brightland Olive Oil

“After reading about it on Kitchn, hearing our Features Director Arie wax poetic about it, and seeing the gorgeous bottles all over my social media channels, I finally treated myself to a bottle of Brightland olive oil. Okay, fine, I bought a two-pack of two of their most popular varieties, because even in quarantine I have FOMO.”— Grace Elkus, Deputy Food Director

Buy: The Duo, $74 for two 12.7-ounce bottles at Brightland

Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

4. Rancho Gordo Heirloom Beans

“I ordered a whole selection of dried beans from Rancho Gordo and I’m super excited about them. My new lunch thing is beans on toast: homemade bread, ricotta, marinated beans, pickled shallot, parsley, a little lemon zest. I need easy, and beans = easy.” — Ariel Knutson, Features Director

Buy now: Rancho Gordo Heirloom Beans, from $5.95 at Rancho Gordo

Credit: Amazon

5. Ren Dao Mei Spicy Chili Crisp

“I recently made a recipe that called for chili crisp and was able to find it on Amazon. I ordered two jars of it and do not regret it one bit. It’s savory, hot, and toasty. I ate it over chicken thighs with rice and roasted onions and fully recommend it.” — Jesse Szewczyk, Studio Food Editor

Buy: Ren Dao Mei Spicy Chili Crisp, $10 for 7.4 ounces

6. Raised Real Organic Baby Food Subscription

“I just got my first order of Raised Real (an organic baby food delivery) for my son. After seeing other people talk about it on Instagram I’ve been so curious to try it, and now felt like the perfect time. Each pack has a fun mix of ingredients that are more interesting than anything I’d combine on my own, and I love that the food can be served as finger food, mashed, or puréed.” — Kelli Foster, Associate Food Editor

Buy now: Raised Real, $66 for 12 meals at Raised Real

Credit: Target

7. Good & Gather Sea Salt Roasted Mixed Nuts

“I love snacking on a handful of nuts in the afternoon. This mix has all of the best of ones — hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, and pecans — and none of the lame fillers. You can buy this same mix of nuts unsalted, but the sea salt variety had just the right level of salt to satisfy my cravings for a savory snack.” — Patty Catalano, Contributing Editor

Buy now: Good & Gather Sea Salt Roasted Mixed Nuts, $18.29 for 30 ounces at Target

8. Farm to People Subscription Box

“I finally got off the waitlist for Farm to People and it’s been a true godsend. They have such a wide selection of local produce, dairy, meat, and more that I hardly have to worry about hitting the grocery store anytime soon. Plus, I snagged rhubarb and asparagus, which I am so excited to have right now for a taste of spring in my kitchen.” — Sheela Prakash, Senior Contributing Editor

More info: Farm to People

Credit: 88 Acres

9. 88 Acres Cinnamon and Oats Seed Bars

“I originally discovered these bars at my local Whole Foods, but since I am trying to avoid the grocery store now and it’s difficult to get a delivery, I went straight to the source to get my fix. I love them so much that I am now just ordering boxes from the brand directly — I am obsessed.” — Lauren Kodiak, Managing Editor

Buy: 88 Acres Cinnamon and Oats Seed Bars, $21.50 for nine

Credit: Bubble

10. Pereg Farro

“Basic bulk grains like rice and farro have been hard to come by at our grocery store. (Still!) When I found out that Bubble had a great selection of one-pound bags still available for online delivery, I hopped on the opportunity. We’re going to turn this farro into my favorite Ina Garten recipe adaptation: Charlie Bird’s Farro Salad.” — Lauren Masur, Staff Writer

Buy now: Pereg Farro, $5.18 for 16 ounce pouch at Bubble

Have you bought any groceries online recently? Tell us about them in the comments below!