This Ingenious Hack Makes Slicing Onions a Breeze

published Jan 19, 2023
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For me, cutting onions has always been an unpleasant (but very necessary) part of preparing meals in the kitchen. So, before I get started I let out a deep sigh and think to myself, “OK, let’s get ready to cry” and proceed with the emotional task. The tears have been unavoidable and my routine has become somewhat of a standard practice. The only thing I can hope for while cutting, slicing, and dicing onions is to get through the task in as little time possible.

To my excitement, I recently stumbled across this onion slicing hack posted to the Instagram page of CountryHomes.Charm, which is said to be “life-changing.” And by the looks of the trick, it certainly seems so.

The process — which is truly as simple as can be — involves staking the bottom of an onion with a fork, holding the fork for stability, and using a potato peeler in a back-and-forth motion to produce thinly sliced shavings of onion. It’s so simple, I don’t know why this wasn’t something I knew about sooner!

While this hack doesn’t technically alleviate the tears you may drop while cutting an onion, I still position it as life-changing — but not because of how simple it is to slice the onion. This hack stands out because of how fast I’m able to slice the onion, which means I can get through the task way quicker. More now than ever, I find myself being constantly amazed at how often I come across ingenious kitchen hacks that are conceptually so simple, a toddler could create them. And this onion-slicing hack is definitely one of them.

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