The One Thing I Always Forget to Buy for Thanksgiving

published Nov 13, 2017
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I consider myself to be a good hostess. When I have guests over, my house is clean, my menu is planned, and I like to think I’m not flustered by the actual meal prep. I want to enjoy my guests’ company instead of staying holed up in the kitchen.

That said, there is always one thing I forget every single time I entertain. Do you suffer from the same absent-mindedness as I do?

Ice! I never fail to forget it!

I’ve recently learned to just put my husband in charge of stocking it for every party — mainly because he’s the one who has to run out and get it at the last minute, anyway.

Why Do You Even Need Ice for a Party?

While it might seem unnecessary if you’re just having a few people over, you should still always grab a bag. Here’s why: Cocktails need ice. Warm liquor and room-temperature mixers taste absolutely awful. Even if you’re thinking that no cocktails will be mixed, you never know if someone might request one. Plus, some people might want ice water or you could need ice to keep your white wine chilled in a bucket. So stock up!

How Much Ice Should You Buy?

Follow this simple rule from Nate Berkus: Buy one pound of ice per guest. That might sound like a lot, but it will keep you covered for the whole night. You can get bagged ice at most supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, and even some fast food restaurants.

What to Do with It Once You Get It Home

Once you’ve got your bags, don’t forget to store them in a smart location. If it’s cold outside, that’s a perfect spot — whether you’re placing a bag in a cooler or just right on the ground. Or if you don’t have any outdoor space, keep the bags in your sink or in your bathtub (you can move them into the kitchen as needed).

Go ahead and add ice to your shopping list right now. You’ll be so happy when Aunt Marge asks for a whiskey on the rocks and you’re prepared!