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Make This Creamy Taco Spaghetti for Dinner This Week

published Mar 19, 2019
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The first thought that ran through my head when I saw the title of this recipe was What on earth is taco spaghetti? And that thought was quickly followed by Can it possibly be good? Do I dare to try it? Taco spaghetti sounds like something a person might make on a dare, or when confronted with a truly astonishing case of the munchies. But it’s also an easy one-pot meal that can be thrown together in 30 minutes from start to finish. Tacos are wonderful, spaghetti is great — surely they must be good together!

Taco spaghetti cooks in a single pot, so start with a Dutch oven or a deep pot and brown some ground beef until it crumbles easily and is no longer pink. Then drain off any excess fat with a colander and return the beef to the pot.

Add taco seasoning to the ground beef, then pour in diced tomatoes and green chilis. Mix in tomato paste, then two parts beef broth to one part water, and spaghetti noodles broken in half. (Side note: When I was a child I was always admonished by my Italian father to never, ever break spaghetti noodles in half before cooking them, but in this case we’re cooking the noodles right in the sauce, and getting them all to fit easily into the pot when totally uncooked is more important.) So break the noodles in half and mix them into the broth and water, and cook the whole thing, covered, for about 15 minutes at a simmer. According to the author, you’ll want to stir the noodles about every five minutes to make sure they don’t stick to the pan.

When the noodles finish cooking, it’s almost finished. Adding cream cheese and sour cream at the end of the process makes the pasta super creamy, and it also gives the sauce a consistency of flavor and helps spread it over all the noodles. Top that with shredded cheese and wait for the cheese to melt, then serve the pasta topped with diced tomatoes and green onions. You could also use black olives if you like. Just like nachos, this dish contains ground beef, taco seasoning, diced tomatoes, sour cream, and shredded cheese, but with spaghetti instead of tortilla chips. It sounds wild, but with a bit of hot sauce, it just might be delicious.

Get the recipe: One-Pot Creamy Taco Spaghetti from The Blond Cook

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