Can You Tell the Difference Between a Frying Pan and One of Jupiter’s Moons?

(Image credit: NASA Europa Mission on Twitter)

We’ve all probably seen the bottom of a worn-out frying pan, but have you ever seen an image of Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa? Apparently they look exactly the same when photographed in a certain way. Can you distinguish the moon from the frying pans?

NASA Europa Mission tweeted this image out a couple weeks ago asking if followers could tell the difference between worn-out frying pans and Europa. This lead to a frenzy of guesses and deep thoughts on Twitter.

@XenosNS @NASAEuropa Or perhaps all frying pans are really moons…..

— Mike Dailly™ (@mdf200) August 26, 2015

Christopher Jonassen is the person behind the worn-out frying pan photos. His series Devour and Devour II takes ordinary frying pans and turns them into something a little more sci-fi. Basically, when you’re deep into doing last night’s dishes, and you’re staring absent-mindedly at your frying pan, you’re really seeing another world.

Still can’t figure out which one is Europa? A quick Google search will tell you. (It’s the middle-left panel.)