One More Topping for Strawberries The New York Times

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Bittman makes a good point in today’s Times dining section. Strawberries are best left alone when it comes to dessert, which is why we see shortcake and Eton Mess—where fresh strawberries are allowed to be themselves, sliced and added with minor intervention. Read on for another topping (in case you’re tired of shortcake). It’s not whipped cream…

It’s a simple but slightly punched up custard, an almond-flavored créme anglaise. The recipe reminded us of making one of our favorite ice cream bases that is steeped with almonds; you infuse the custard with toasted almond flavor, then strain out the bits and pour the smooth cream over fresh strawberries.

Doesn’t that sound good? Definitely better than Cool Whip.

Get the recipe: Fresh Strawberries with Almond Créme Anglaise, from The New York Times

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