This Ingenious Rainbow Buttercream Hack Gives You Six Colors with Just One Bowl

published Mar 18, 2022
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Rainbows are all the rage and for bakers, there’s nothing more fun than rainbow buttercream. But let’s face it, there’s also nothing more time-consuming than having to mix six different colors in six different bowls.

Finding herself to be “hella sick” of washing all those bowls, Gianna Thompson, founder of G Baby Cakes, came up with an ingenious way of making rainbow buttercream using just one. She shared her hack in an Instagram video, tossing a handful of old bowls off of the counter and getting down to business.

“If you mix in this order — yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple — then the leftover buttercream doesn’t matter and it just blends into the next color,” she points out. Afterwards, she takes each color out and puts it on a sheet of plastic wrap, then rolls the whole thing up and places it in the piping bag. That’s it! It’s ready to use and there’s only one dirty bowl and spatula to wash.

The video, which blew a lot of people’s minds, has been watched more than 47,000 times. “Life changing tip right here,” commented one follower. “Saves so much time and less waste,” added another.

You can watch the video above and, once you’ve been inspired by the vibrant colors, you may want to use your extra bowls to whip up a rainbow fruit salad or some magically delicious Lucky Charms Cookies.