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This weekend’s Open Thread got very busy, with reports of what folks planned on cooking, and reports of what they’d already made.

What’s missing is the evidence. Does anyone have a picture of what they cooked over the weekend?

A vegetarian dinner for 11! Red pepper-pomegranate-walnut dip, beet-orange-feta salad, apple-cauliflower soup, butternut squash galettes, some quinoa dish, and birthday cake.

Last weekend was a big cooking weekend for me, so this weekend will be more laid-back – just some duck confit my fiance made, warmed through in the cast iron skillet, potatoes roasted in the duck fat with a little sea salt, and a simple salad for dinner tonight. I’ll probably do Cioppino on Sunday.

I’m gonna have steamed clams…steamed with sake that is, and some sake for drinking to go with it!