On Thankfulness and Grace

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We cooks see things just a bit differently than everyone else. Sure, we measure time down to the nanosecond with Outlook calendars and PDAs like everyone else, but we’re also counting the twelve or fourteen hours it takes to make no-knead bread. We’re racing between work and school and so many other appointments, but we also have our eyes open to find the perfect, local Meyer lemon or butternut squash.

This kitchen-centric view gives us so much to be thankful for: the family and friends we’ll be spending the long weekend with, both the farmer’s market and the farmer, stuffing recipes, free-range turkeys, a deep drawer full of shiny pots.

Here at The Kitchen we’re interested in knowing what you’re thankful for. This is the holiday set aside for giving thanks (and swapping turkey recipes). Post away and let us know what you’re thankful for this year. Flickr some photos of what you’re thankful for too. We’ll post a round-up on Thanksgiving afternoon.

Also, early this year, we posted about how the world says grace. We thought linking back to that post might useful in case you’re called upon to say grace on Thursday. You might also be interested in this tale about saying grace on a California farm, and while we’re no friends of factory farming, we also appreciate this handy booklet of graces compiled by Tyson Foods.

Thanks for your support and tips and thanks for sharing The Kitchen with your friends. Happy Thanksgiving!