On Not Taking Dessert So Seriously

On Not Taking Dessert So Seriously

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 29, 2010

In the kitchen, there are cooks and there are bakers. Occasionally, you'll find someone who fits both profiles, but more often than not, those who aren't into baking or dessert-making find themselves in a panic when called upon to round out a meal. But we think that the trick to any great dessert is to not take yourself too seriously!

We photograph almost every plate food that comes out of our kitchen. In the back of our minds, we never know when we might need the photo, so it's always nice to have them on hand. This of course means that there's always a display area set up somewhere and before we know it, a simple 5-minute meal has become a 10-minute photoshoot.

So we're guilty of taking food too seriously sometimes, but with dessert, it seems like there's always more pressure to make a picturesque plate. It's the last thing you or your guests are served and seems to carry with it more pressure to make your hard work in the kitchen feel more memorable.

That isn't to imply that baking or cooking isn't fun anymore, it's quite the opposite, but sometimes it's good to remember that life and food don't have to be so darn serious. With the advent of the internet we have become inundated with thousands of pictures of food that we never would have access to 10 years ago. The closest we used to get to great food photography was in magazines and that still felt a little distant at times.

Now, with all these desserts streaming into your brain with the scroll of a mouse, there seems to be more implied pressure to have these knock-out meals, dishes and ingredients at all times. Remember to take a step back, have fun and if you feel like it, steal one of your husband's comic books for a silly backdrop once in awhile and keep dessert fun!

What gives you the most anxiety about dessert? The doctor(s) are in and ready to listen, share your thoughts below!

P.S., you get brownie points (dessert pun intended) if you managed to read this post and not say "serious" in your head like the Joker from Batman.

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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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