On Moving Kitchens

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The whole kitchen is on a truck, packed in boxes and plastic tubs, dishes carefully swaddled in recycled paper and old dishtowels. The cookbooks are stacked in heavy boxes, and the spices have their own small box. I’m leaving one kitchen for another.

Moving a kitchen is stressful – even tiny galley kitchens seem to hold an astonishing amount of stuff. It was a good opportunity to pare down and declutter. I had three slotted cooking spoons; I donated two. I found a colony of unused dishes in the back of a top cupboard; an old roommate’s leopard and zebra print coffee mugs also found their way into the donation box.

It’s also an opportunity to start fresh. I had no compunctions about throwing out the old kitchen rug; it was well-worn, dirty, and unsalvageable. I found long-forgotten tomato sauce and pumpkin puree in the back of the freezer. It was good to clean and to know that everything was well-packed and organized for moving into a new apartment kitchen.

Have you moved lately? Any tips for packing up (and unpacking) a kitchen? Any good stories of kitchen moving?