Loving My Spouse Through Food

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Caring for our two young kids leaves me and my husband with precious little time to connect face to face, but recently, our shared appreciation of good food and drink has been a means of unity even in the current chaos.

Imagine the scene.

It’s 6pm. My husband arrives home from a demanding day at the office, and I, too, am exhausted. He takes the kids while I get dinner going. There’s this temptation to stay separate with each person tending his own task, but a simple gift changes the mood.

An offering, a glass of wine poured for another. Suddenly the routine becomes easier, and our spirits lift. This doesn’t have to be drudgery; we can be together in this. In the crazy. In the chaos. So much is communicated in a garlic-smeared slice of bread. I see you, and I care. Let me nourish you.

Extraordinary flavors from such ordinary ingredients, and kindness in the small moments. A reminder to see the beauty in the midst of a hard season. It’s the bridge that connects us when our words and energy are lacking.

(Image: Christie Ellis)