On Holiday Parties

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With just two more weekends until Christmas, I’m sure that many of us have a number of holiday parties on the books. It got me wondering. What’s the food situation at the holiday parties you typically attend?

Yesterday my office held a holiday party for all the employees. There was music, food and a raffle for an array of prizes. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the spread of food they had for us – a salad of greens, endive, candied pecans and roasted butternut squash, two different kinds of potatoes, roast turkey, ham, and even lamb. By contrast, my boyfriend’s office does a potluck. Does your place of employment hold holiday parties and if so, do they provide the food, or do you and your co-workers all pitch in? If so, what do you bring?

Tomorrow night I’ll be going to a friend’s holiday party where the food is usually more of the snacks and nibbles variety, rather than a buffet with a ham. What do we do in those situations? I really want to be that person who brings a plate of cookies or brownies or perhaps fudge to holiday parties, but I can never seem to pull it all together and usually wind up popping into the supermarket on the way to the party for a bottle of wine.

What do you bring your hosts? Who here makes cookies to take to parties? How many of us just take the easy way out and bring a bottle of wine or booze? And of those who bring wine, do you put a bow on it or place it in one of those wine gift bags?