On A New Presidency and Some Seafood Stew

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Just a quick thought from the CNN-side desk of your founding editor. Instead of telling you about the parsnips I roasted this weekend (I’ll do that tomorrow) I want to take a brief moment to acknowledge this moment and collect your thoughts on our new administration. What are your hopes, in terms of our planet and our food system?

Here in The Kitchn we have lots…

As the country and the world suffers in so many ways, many argue that focusing on food issues should not be a priority. I agree to some extent. But I also believe that President Obama knows that the way we farm our land and feed our children is part of the solution. So I have hope.

The President is about to sit down to lunch, which will include a seafood stew. Anyone going to make it? We have the recipe below.

First, leave your food hopes for the future below. Here’s to a healthy, delicious four years.

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(Inauguration photo: CNN.com)