Omsom Just Released a Flavor-Enhancing Shaker Trio Just in Time for the Holidays

published Oct 18, 2022
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Since its inception, pantry brand Omsom has sought to highlight bold, in-your-face Asian flavors without any watered-down dishes or cultural compromise. With a line of sauces and sampler kits inspired by different continental regions, founders Vanessa and Kim Pham are the sisters behind an enterprise that has made fans out of foodies everywhere, including our editors. You, too, can find something on the Omsom site to take your meals to the next level, regardless of whether you’re preparing beef bulgogi or chicken larb. For the brand’s most recent release, though, Omsom is venturing away from its trademark sauces and offering a limited-edition shaker set for the holidays. Named after the brand’s popular Instagram story series highlighting different trends and dishes, the IYKYK set initially seems like yet another tasty staple to add to your spice cabinet. And, it is! However, there’s more to the story behind one of the included flavor enhancers in this must-have kit.

If you’re familiar with MSG, you’ve probably heard the well-known myth claiming that the additive is “unhealthy” and that it causes adverse physical symptoms after consumption. The Pham sisters want people to know that not only is there no science to back up these correlations, but also that MSG is a delicious ingredient worthy of sitting front and center on your tabletop. To bust this harmful stigma rooted in anti-Asian sentiment, the IYKYK shaker set proudly includes salt, pepper, and MSG.

You’ll want to add these shakers to your dining spread — not just because they add flavor to every meal, but also because it’s impossible to ignore how cute their packaging is. Contained in blocky shakers emblazoned with Omsom’s loud colors and patterns, each additive is clearly marked so that you know what you’re putting onto your food. Although it’s a solid assumption that most people already have salt and pepper in their kitchens, the brand’s founders deliberately paired the cooking essentials in a set along with MSG to assert that the latter should be just as present in every household.

If Omsom’s history of sold-out launches and product waiting lists tells you anything, it’s that you’ll want to snag this limited edition set quickly. Get it for your own pantry, or purchase it as an upcoming holiday gift for loved ones who like to cook (or who could use some help in the flavor department). Plus, you’ll be supporting an Asian-owned brand that’s dedicated to dismantling harmful stereotypes!