Oh My Yog! Is Yogurt for Dessert

updated May 1, 2019
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It seems like every week a new kind of yogurt hits the dairy aisle, with waves of larger trends driving the new releases. First it was nonfat; then Greek; and now it’s more clever and luxurious styles of yogurt that can stand in for dessert. Meet the newest: Stonyfield’s Oh My Yog!

I was tempted by the charming packaging and colors of these yogurts at the grocery store, and so I picked up a few. They have three layers: a thick cream top, a lighter middle, and a fruit layer at the bottom. (Or, in the case of the vanilla flavor, a vanilla-flavored sort of jam.)

They’re rich and luxurious, at 170 calories a cup, and with a less-pronounced tanginess than most other yogurts. I felt the fruity ones were more successful than the vanilla, which had an intensely candy-sweet taste.

These are a tasty treat — something to end the day or finish lunch with a sweet, creamy indulgence.