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This TikTok Famous Cereal Combines Two of My Favorite Breakfast Foods for the Perfect Morning Meal

published Sep 14, 2022
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OffLimits Emma Chamberlain Coffee Cereal Collab
Credit: OffLimits

Okay, I know I’m the odd one out here when I share that I am not on TikTok — but before you start in on me, believe me, I already know I’m missing out on tons of awesome trends, life-changing hacks, and great finds. But, believe it or not, there are some TikTok famous crazes that make their way to the masses of antiquated folks like me who have yet to download the app. For example, cereal glitter. Which is an absolute blessing because, who doesn’t want to know that edible sparkles exist?

So I got wondering, what sort of geniuses invented this wild, fun, magical foodstuff? Thus, I discovered OffLimits, a super colorful, poppy new breakfast brand that’s literally breaking the internet with their inventive and unexpected products. They pride themselves in their ability to go against the grain, think outside of the (cereal) box, and redefine the first meal of the day with their experimental and absolutely scrumptious line of offerings. So, I took one for a spin and found that my morning did, indeed, need some extra-yummy fun.

DASH, the flavor I’ve devoured every morning for two weeks straight, brilliantly combines my two favorite breakfast foods into one absolutely awesome bowl. OffLimits teamed up with Chamberlain Coffee (yes, that’s Emma Chamberlain’s coffee company) to make this coffee-flavored cereal that, like all the brand’s boxes, is gluten-free, vegan, and naturally flavored. All of these are huge pluses when it comes to environmental impact, but also make the stuff accessible to folks like me, who may be a celiac or dairy-free.

Trust me, the lack of wheat and animals products does not compromise the flavor. They taste a little chocolatey, a little toasted, a little nutty — almost like a malt ball. And, in terms of texture, the little spheres of cereal maintain a superb crunch, even after a while of bathing in milk (or oat milk, or almond milk, or chocolate milk!). Speaking of which, one of my favorite things about chowing down on a bowl of DASH is the fact that the milk of choice begins to take on coffee flavor throughout the eating process. By the last bite, it tastes like café au lait. And, as someone who used to eat their cereal using coffee instead of milk (oh, you too?), let me tell you — this is so much easier and more delicious.

If you’re reading this and thinking, Wow, that stuff is probably packed with preservatives and other un-readable ingredients — you’d be wrong. In fact, with just 11 ingredients, I can confidently say the label on my box of DASH is shorter than ones on any other cereal I’ve tried thus far. If that sounds right up your alley, you should also check out OffLimits’ other flavors: Pandan, Strawberry, and Cinnamon. I’m a coffee fanatic through and through, so I’ll never give up DASH, but the rest of the flavors sound too good to pass up!

So, if you don’t mind, I’ll head out now — I’ve got to order their variety pack and a whole boatload of cereal glitter packets to boot!

Buy: DASH Cereal, $8.50