Office Lunch Survival Kit: 6 Essentials to Keep at the Office

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We can think of few things more frustrating than trying to slice an apple with a plastic knife or picking through a bland salad for lack of black pepper. Enter the Office Lunch Survival Kit: just a few essentials that can be tucked away in a drawer and that make a world of difference come lunch time!

These things stay at the office, and get washed and put away at the end of the meal. It’s so handy to have them right there when you need them!

1. Set of Basic Dishes: Give your coffee mug some company. A plate and a bowl make eating at the office feel a little less like, well, eating at the office!

2. Set of Utensils: Forget plastic! Bring a knife, fork, and spoon from home.

3. Cloth Napkin: Nicer and more eco-friendly than using paper towels or napkins. Just remember to take it home and wash it every once and while!

4. Paring Knife: It’s surprising how often this comes in handy. We use it mostly for slicing fruit and fresh veggies, but it also works in a pinch for cutting birthday cake!

5. Salt and Pepper Shakers: Old spice jars make great, compact containers.

6. Tabasco Sauce and Soy Sauce: Both of these are awesome for perking up a boring bowl of soup or sub sandwich.

What other things do you like to have with you at the office?

Originally published April 13, 2010.

(Image: Flickr member Jeffrey Beall licensed under Creative Commons)