Ofer & Randy’s Flea Market Collections Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re certainly no strangers to flea markets and yard sales, they’re honestly our favorite places to go. With that said, we obviously really love the flea market feel in Ofer and Randy’s Los Angeles kitchen. The kitchen has an extremely homey feeling while still appearing to be magazine ready.

The pale blue vertical stripes on the walls caught our attention first. While the color isn’t bold or bright, the stripes stand out and demand attention. They give the kitchen the super homey yet not too country vibe that so many strive to achieve. The blue stripes are accented throughout the kitchen through bottles and other accessories of similar colors.

Speaking of accessories — boy do they have a lot of them! Even though there are a lot of items in the kitchen it doesn’t seem too over done. The large collection of jars and the giant EAT on the wall could otherwise compete with one another, but in this case they work so well together. We have to mention the collection of blue jars on the counter top, we’d love to have a set of our own!

Images: Bethany Nauert