Odd Bedfellows: Ranch Dressing on a Breakfast Sandwich?

updated May 12, 2022
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My husband and I were traveling last weekend and stopped in for breakfast at a local coffee shop. Ordering our favorite egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, we were confronted with the option of adding a shmear of ranch dressing. What would you have said?

The first morning, we both shook our heads and stayed with our tried-and-true favorite. But the idea of that ranch dressing stuck with me all day. I couldn’t stop trying to imagine what that combination of flavors would taste like. The next morning, I decided to give it a shot.

It was…interesting. The ranch was the bottom half of the bagel with the egg and cheese on top. It wasn’t a lot, maybe just a tablespoon or two. Much of it seemed to get absorbed into the warm toasted bagel.

The ranch added a tangy flavor that went really well with the everything bagel. Next to the egg and the melted cheese, the ranch was another element of creaminess. It’s presence didn’t really blow me away, but it also wasn’t nearly as off-putting as I’d feared. So, yes. Interesting is the best description.

I’m not sure I’m going to run home and make an egg and cheese with ranch sandwich. But it’s not a bad option to have for a brunch party or just when we want a little something different from the usual.

Have you ever tried ranch dressing on a breakfast sandwich? Do you have another topping that you prefer, or do you like to keep it simple?


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