October is Harvest Month at The Kitchn

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Welcome to October! Last month we were all about Home Cooking – getting back to basics, getting reacquainted with your kitchen, and remembering the pleasures of cooking at home. This month will be a little more of that, plus a lot of good harvest cooking. What does harvest mean to you?

For us, harvest means bright colors (hey – the Fall Colors contest is going on!) in fruit and vegetables. There are rich orange pumpkins on our neighbor’s doorstep, and we were greedily eyeing a few of the tiny pie pumpkins at the market yesterday. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin squares, pumpkin pie – we can hardly wait to get started.

And there’s all those scarlet apples, and the green kale, and yellow autumn squash. There’s late corn and pears, peaches, potatoes, knobbly carrots and luscious eggplant. All of these come in such bright colors – it’s a treat to cook with them.

We’ll be loading on the recipes this month – it’s getting nippy out and a warm kitchen is the best place to be.

We’ll also be highlighting some farms and local producers – the people who bring us the harvest year in and year out. We’re very grateful to them.

So cook along with us this month – we think harvest is the best time of year in the kitchen.

(Image: Flickr member libraryman licensed for use under Creative Commons)