October Colors at the Farmers’ Market Hollywood, California

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In celebration of Apartment Therapy’s color contest and our own colorful month here at The Kitchn, we thought we’d highlight some the most spectacular hues seen at the Hollywood farmers’ market this past weekend.

• 1 Shining orange orbs with beautiful green tops – persimmon season has arrived!

• 2 Summer lingers in the form of multicolored heirloom tomatoes

• 3 … and blushing, glowing plums.

• 4 Of all the colorful apples, we’re especially smitten with these Pink Ladies.

• 5 Despite the persistence of stone fruits and tomatoes, there are definite signs of fall.

• 6 We love the fun stripes and colors of delicata squash.

• 7 Rich purple plums are perfect for pies and jam.

• 8 At one stand, bold pink pomegrantes kiss soft green grapes.

• 9 Dusky orange pumpkins and speckled green calabazas make a calming palette.

• 10 Hurrah for winter squash season and all its colors!

• For more information on the Hollywood farmers’ market and other Los Angeles area markets, visit Farmernet.com

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(Images: Emily Ho)